The all new Contact brings you boundless freedom and a new level of mobility for health alarms. Equipped with a huge battery, power-saving technology and GSM, you can go anywhere, all the time. Automatic alarm and to-way communication in a compact package, gives you a whole new level of performance that can’t be matched by other healthcare-systems on the market.

Our Story

In 2014 Terje Tobiassen experienced a cardiac arrest in his car. Such episodes either turn out bad or in Terje's case, end well, thanks to some very competent and quick-thinking fellow motorists. During the rehabilitation period after the accident he started thinking,” what if it could have been avoided?" Or, "What if it had happened in a deserted area without anyone noticing?" This became the start of a technological adventure. Autumn 2015, Terje along with Glenn Arild Haugland, Terje Otto Tobiassen and Olav Bryn, established ContinYou AS. The four founders have all left a mark on the company with their innovative and creative thinking.  

We meet the fisherman Kåre Martin Jensen (87) from Røst and his son Ketil Jensen from Bodø. Ketil talks about the concerns he has associated with his father heading out to the sea.

“That he may continue to be part of the fishing community is part of what’s keeping him alive, and with Contact I can relax more about him being alone out at sea,” says Ketil Jensen.