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In 2014 Terje Tobiassen experienced a cardiac arrest in his car. Such episodes either turn out bad, or in Terje's case end well, thanks to some very competent and quick-thinking fellow motorists. During the rehabilitation period after the accident he started thinking,”What if it could have been avoided?" Or, "What if it had happened in a deserted area without anyone noticing?" This became the start of a technological adventure.

Autumn 2015, Terje established ContinYou AS along with Glenn Arild Haugland, Terje Otto Tobiassen and Olav Bryn. The four founders have all left a mark on the company with their innovative and creative thinking.

As of March 2017, ContinYou AS had sixteen dedicated employees working on the development of Contact, a health watch that creates safety and peace of mind. Contact measures the heart rate, movement and other health indicators that together can help to detect disease or a fall. The goal is to give seniors and others in need an opportunity to stay longer at home, be more mobile and to ease the pressure on the healthcare sector and cut healthcare cost.


- Welfare Technology is important for the elderly and their families.

According to a recent survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Telia. One in three Norwegians are concerned for their own old age and more than half are concerned about their parents old age. The survey also showed that the population have strong belief that technological aids will be helpful in the future. ContinYou's health watch has an embedded SIM card, it connects to a family member, a guardian or an alarm service using the mobile network, to alert them if something should happen.

ContinYou are proud of the fact that all development and production of Contact takes place in Norway.


ContinYou is a young company with very committed employees. And we have room for more. If you are interested in working with tech development with us we would like to hear from you.

Terje Tobiassen

Founder, CEO

Glenn Arild Haugland


Terje Otto Tobiassen

Tech Lead

Vegard Foldøy Thorsen


Frode Fuglestad


Tony Tobias Tobiassen

Business Development Manager

Ingebjørg Thelin Theiss


Arve A. Pontifex Bryn

Logistics and Privacy

Torbjørn Aspøy

CiO - Developer

Kasia Pieta

Administrative and financial consultant

Tom Egill Tobiassen

Business Development Manager

Thomas Li Fredriksen


Terje Svendsen



Gunnar Hviding


Terje Tobiassen

Founder, CEO, Board member

Olav Bryn

Board member

Pål Selboe Valseth

Board member